Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ELF Studio Powder Blush Review

ELF Studio Powder Blush in TWINKLE PINK

What is it?
A budget friendly shimmering pink blush. This blush is $3.00 and can be purchased at

The Real Deal:
This blush comes housed in a sleek black plastic container that resembles the classic look of a NARS blush. This blush is incredibly inexpensive. $3.00 for a blush is less than what you would pay for a basic drugstore company blush. I like the price very much and I was eager to try this specific color. I enjoy light pinks in the winter time and this has a little golden shimmer in it. Shimmer on winter skin makes it appear healthy and moisturized during a time when we are probably starved for moisture regardless of skin type. The product is very powdery and you must tap off the excess before applying it to your face. However, the blush itself is very pigmented and it blends superbly!   

Action Shots: 

Overall, this blush is a hit and I would enjoy purchasing and trying out more of these blush colors! I really don’t mind the fall out issue. This is because fall out from blush can be easily eradicated by tapping off your brush prior to application. Next, blend the blush into your cheeks creating a colorful glow instead of a line of product (which is noticeable to everyone and it flatters no cheeks). Budget friendly ladies will love these, and so will first time makeup users.   

Quality: ***/5 (It is very powdery and the shimmer does not stick in the product well)

Perks: Cruelty free.  

Bang for your buck: ***/5 (Great pigmentation, just be careful of fallout)

Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money and I am not being paid for my opinion.

What is your preferred type of blush formula: powder, loose, or cream?

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  1. I'm a powder blush girl, and one of my favorite products of all time has got to be Benefit Dallas bronzer. It looked like I got sun without looking like bronzer, so I just used it as blush. It's a splurge, but totally worth it.