Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November Tutorial Tip: Trade in your brushes for your fingers!

November Tutorial Tip: Use fingers instead of makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are used by gurus and ladies who enjoy their uses all the time. However, when I’m pinched for time, I find it tedious to extract the correct brush… Sometimes I have to sift around to find the right one, I’ll accidentally knock one out of the jar and it lands on the floor.. yuck! Therefore, I use my fingers to create basic makeup looks to get out of the house quickly!

Tools: My fingers, of course! Tarte BB Primer in Light, Korres Lip Butter in Plum, Mary Kay eyebrow pencil in Brunette, NYX Naturals eye shadow palette (shades 1, 4, and 5), ELF HD translucent powder, and NYX mosaic blush in Dare.

Face: Prep face with moisturizer, I used an oil free one from Juice Beauty. Apply one layer of the Tarte BB Primer (or your choice of foundation). Dab spots of product on your face. Then work section by section. I split the face into 3 parts: Forehead area, and the I split up the remainder of the face equally down my nose. Start in one area and fully blend product around to desired finish. Use a very light touch in a circular motion. Keep your first three fingers together and use those to blend product. Continue to use this for all areas of the face, ending with product blended down under the chin and slightly into the neck area. Add another coat of product if desired… I added 2. Apply powder (this can be tricky without a brush) either with a brush, puff, or if you lack both of those, then use a wad of clean facial tissue to dab into product and gently dab and buff onto skin.

Cheeks: Take your finger and rub it around the blush. Then dab the blush onto the apples (puffiest part) of your cheeks. Blend in a circle upwards. Then add more blush to your finger and rub and blend the blush on the back part of your cheeks (on top of the cheekbone away from the apples and at a slant upwards) Blend both blush parts together to achieve a more natural looking flush.

Eyes: Use your fingers for the different colors of shadow. I used my ring finger for the highlighter, my middle finger for the all over color and my index finger for the outside/crease color. Use a dabbing motion on the eyelid to gain desired pigmentation. Then slightly blend with the same finger. This creates a professional looking soft focus that most brushes achieve. Finish with eyeliner and/or mascara.

Eyebrows: Use a pencil to fill in brows and then run your finger (I use my ring finger) along the brow to blend and extend the color.

Lips: This is the easiest! You can use whatever you want since most lip glosses and lipsticks come with their own application ease. However, in the spirit of the event I used a potted colored lip butter from Korres (which really is the best texture of lip butter I have ever used!) I dabbed my finger in the product and then dabbed and blended the color on my lips.

That’s it! Go ahead and try out using your fingers to apply your makeup and see what you can do! It’s a great way to save time and experiment with a different way to apply makeup… you might even find you get a different and more appealing eye shadow application!

Disclaimer: I purchased these with my own money and I am not being paid for my opinion.

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