Monday, September 30, 2013

Mieux Make-up Monday! NYX Natural Eye Shadow Palette

NYX Natural Eye Shadow Palette

What is it?
A collection of six eye shadows in various basic neutral colors/finishes housed in a plastic container. This palette is $6.99 at Ulta (now on BOGO 50% off) and Target for $7.49. This also comes with a long sponge applicator.

The Real Deal:
The eye shadows are very soft and silky. I am reminded of the plush eye shadows that Maybelline has. The pigmentation is great for those looking for a very natural eye. If you were looking for a cheaper version of the Urban Decay Naked palettes, this is not it. This is for the woman who is looking for a conservative natural eye makeup look. This can get you out the door quickly for day or night if all you need is just a little close to skin tone color and highlighter.

No flash. 


The two middle colors are pretty hard to see because they almost match my skin tone!

There are four matte shadows (Swatches #1, 3, 4, and 6). #1 is a light cream, #3 is a muted semi-dark peach, #4 is a light tan, and #6 is a Mink-like chocolate brown (think dark chocolate) in pan. Transfer is a lighter version than the swatch. These mattes offer a basic wash of color; the dark brown should be used for an eye liner, brow filler, or a crease definer.

The shimmer shadows are swatches #2 (which is a golden cream with minimal glitter), and #5 which is a straight up shimmer/frost in a light to medium taupe (I like this one the best).

Here’s how to use this palette for a basic day look: Use swatch #1 all over the eye as a base. Next, take swatch #4 and put all over the lid (lower part of the eye). Then blend swatch #5 all over the lid and into the crease: this softens the color impact of swatch #5 so that it is more muted. Add mascara and a neutral lip 

I used swatch #6 for the eyebrows

Here’s how to create a night look: Use swatch # all over the eye as a base. Then pat on swatch # all over the lid (lower part of the eye), blend it up into the crease, then add swatch #6 to the crease in the shape of your eye; blend down towards the top of the eyelashes but leave a line of lighter shadow creating a demarcation separating your dark eye shadow and your lashes. Use swatch #6 underneath the eye and connect up at a slight angle to the dark shadow on the top of the eye. Add swatch #2 to the inner corner of the eye and blend up and to the outside a little bit. Finish with a dark brown eye liner over the lower lash line (inner and slightly outer) and mascara!

Again, I used #6 for the eyebrows

Application Tips: Get a good shadow primer and you can reap the maximum pigmentation benefits from lower end eye shadows. Check out Too Faced Shadow Insurance, or Tarte’s more natural option. If you are using an actual brush, make sure you tap out excess; once you do the fall out of this eye shadow diminishes and is not noticeable. Also, pair this with minimal blush and an eye catching lipstick for an instant fashionable topping for any great outfit!

I like to think of this palette as the conservative career girl’s go to: it’s got all you need in one handy container so you can get ready quickly. It’s not for those looking for an extremely powerful neutral look, instead, it’s a soft easy going alternative to that. I can imagine the following people loving this: teens, college girls, women who want a quick morning routine, and those that are new to using make-up.  

Quality: ***/5 (The formula is so soft that one should use a primer for optimal pigmentation)

Perks: There’s no added benefit but it is certified cruelty free!

Bang for your buck: ****/5 (It’s about $1.17 a shadow and the colors can be used for bases for other dramatic eye looks)

Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money and I am not being paid for my opinion.

How do you feel about natural/neutral make-up looks? Are they your staple? How do you wear your natural eye looks? 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fantastic Skincare Friday! Juice Beauty Stem Cell Moisturizer

Fantastic Skincare Fridays!

Area: Face

Concern: Aging Skin, Natural/Organic Skincare Ingredients

Product: Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer

Price: $65.00 1.7 fl. oz. 

This moisturizer is billed as an anti-aging one that utilizes vitamin C and fruit stem cells to increase skin cell turnover. Skin cell turnover is a process where your skin works to make new skin cells which slows down the aging process. A good and basic anti-aging skincare regimen will consist of an exfoliator to remove the dead skin cells, and then something that helps to heal up the skin after such an abrasive experience. This moisturizer is perfect for use after exfoliation with any product. It is also perfect for use before you put your foundation on. I am going to be 30 in about 5 months and I’m more concerned about aging now than I ever was! Also, I used to smoke, and I’ve been a stressed out college student for far too long! Therefore, I need something to help ease the aging process: I have had slight forehead wrinkles for the last few years. This product diminished those until they are no longer noticeable: this happened in about 3 weeks. I would think that if I stopped using this, the wrinkles would return with a vengeance…

Action Shots: 

There's your "organic proof" stamp

I pumped out a wee bit 'o moisturizer 

Notice that special container opening? You press the button down and the cream pops up. I get a little out at a time and cover my face conscientiously because I’m frugal and I want this expensive stuff to last as long as possible! The special dispenser keeps air out which can ruin your moisturizer very quickly (so always look for a dispenser with a pump, not a screw on/off jar lid)! The bad thing is that you don’t know how much is left… But there’s a lot in there! I’ve bought 3 of these since last year December… I’m still on my 3rd one and I have a back-up ordered!

I have oily skin and have toyed around with a lot of facial moisturizers. This one came onto the market just last year, so it’s still in its infancy as a product. I originally received a sample in a Birchbox once and was shocked at the fast absorption rate. I did a little research a year or so ago and found out that a lot of moisturizers contain mineral oil which can sit on the face for hours (the molecules of mineral oil/petrolatum are so large that our pores cannot drink them up quickly)! You take that in combination with oily skin and you can stand around waiting for your moisturizer to sink in for days! Then it gets on your pillow at night and your face never receives vital moisture to stay “young” looking.

I have used this at night, every night, for almost a year now. I have also used it during the day occasionally; mostly during winter months when the air is super dry. I can put this on and in 3-5 minutes I can apply my foundation. It has a fruity smell that some may not like, but it is not from added fragrance, it is from essential oils. If you are sensitive to essential oil fragrance, this will aggravate your skin. If you are not sure, head to your local Ulta store and grab a sample to try before you buy. It is made using organic ingredients like all Juice Beauty products. It is expensive, but if you have finicky skin like mine (oily, breakout prone, etc.) this just may be the product for you!

This product is sold on,, and

Money Saving Tip: Birchbox gives dollar rewards and Ulta has a points system.

Quality: *****/5 (I’ll stop using this when they stop making it!)

Perks: more natural/organic (certified) skincare ingredients, the air saver container, and it’s vegan friendly!

Bang for your buck: ***/5 (This stuff is pricy: Use it only at night and only enough to cover face and neck and you will have this jar for about 4-5 months)

Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money and I am not being paid for my opinion.

What do you think of more natural/organic skincare products? Have you tried any before? What are your anti-aging needs?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Throwback Thursday! Dior Addict Lipsticks

Spotlight on: Dior Dior Addict Lipstick

Colors: Paris (bright slight shimmery cool pink: discontinued), Tokyo (light shiny creamy peach), and Candide (1960’s retro cool creamy pink: Spring 2013 only)

Price: $31.00

Repurchase Reasons:
Well, that’s a hefty price tag for a repurchase item. However, I buy one a year, so… Since I have drier lips I really enjoy this sheer creamy formula. It’s not really a traditional lipstick but more of a highly pigmented balm. It’s sheer, slightly buildeable, and medium to light in coverage. I have never worn this with a lip liner and probably never will. I find that there is zero feathering and that I do need to reapply every 1-2 hours depending on if I am eating/drinking or not. I find this glides on the lips easily with a luxurious feel and moisturizes my lips well. I like to get the more neutral colors in this since the price tag is so high. I want to make sure that I am using it and not letting it go to waste. I really liked Paris and am sad that they discontinued this color. I would have repurchased this one since mine is almost gone (notice the lack of height and the shoddy swatch)! I find that buying luxury beauty can be a good investment if you get a good product, in a usable color. I mainly will buy luxury lip and mascara items once a year… maybe more when I get a better job… J

Application Techniques:
Glide on and go in any color! These are so lightweight and easy to apply, you really don’t even need a mirror!

Drool Worthy Pictures:

Paris                 Tokyo            Candide

Paris swatched         Tokyo swatched          Candide swatched





Package Shot!!!

Try before you buy: Sephora has some of these in stock in their store, Nordstrom's has a Dior counter; or locate a counter online!

Quality: ***/5 (creamy, moderately pigmented, 1-2 hours wear, but very moisturizing)

Perks: Moisturizes the lip for a healthy plump

Bang for your buck: ***/5 (It might be moisturizing, but it’s expensive…)

Disclaimer: I purchased these with my own money and I am not being paid for my opinion.

Do you purchase luxury items? If so, what items do you purchase: Skincare? Make-up? Perfume?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mascara Review! Ojon Restorative Mascara and Serum Duo

Ojon Restorative Mascara and Restorative Serum Duo

What is it?

This mascara duo has a double-ended package containing black mascara on one end and a whitish to clear serum on the opposite end. This mascara sells for $21.00 on but is on special promotion currently for $19.50. It is marketed as a mascara and treatment for those wanting a more luscious lash. Specifically, it seems to provide conditioning so that eyelashes do not fall out as often; this gives the appearance of a fuller lash because the hair stays in longer. This product comes in black only.

The real deal:

This mascara has a bristle brush that has a medium to small barrel. The formula is unique in the sense that it seems thick, but does not deposit a mass amount of product onto the lashes once it is applied. It is a delight to apply and feels very smooth on the lashes. There is no clumping and this mascara is relatively creamy still after being used for 2 ½ weeks.  This is non-irritating for me, so I would recommend this to those with sensitive eyes. The serum portion comes with a similar brush and the formula is very thin. It feels like the Ojon oil only; the color is milky and not noticeable unless you are very close to a mirror.

I applied the mascara several times before establishing an opinion. I wore this during work, and all day on the weekend. I applied the serum only at night before bed. Due to the rate of hair growth I am unable to determine if this makes lashes fuller by preventing premature fall out of hair. However, I can tell you that the performance of the mascara is not for those with oily skin. I can wear this mascara for 4 hours before the oil on my skin starts to make the mascara on my bottom lashes melt off. It looks as though I’ve been crying. However, the top lashes looked just fine after 9 hours of wear! Therefore, this could be a fantastic mascara if I applied a different one to bottom lashes. Furthermore, the mascara is very easy to remove with a makeup remover followed by a general face wash. 

Action Shots: 

Mascara applied on my right eye only. 

I apply mascara several times to one set of lashes before I start on the other set. I never just do one singular coat. I build up the layers until I am satisfied with the way that my mascara looks. I recommend every one try this technique: roll the wand between your fingers upwards to get a lifted look, wiggle slightly at the roots and roll up again. This creates a fuller looking set of lashes without applying too much product. Of course, with some formulas, it is easy to go overboard. This one is fool proof to apply.

Quality: ****/5 (the formula is great but can melt off half-way through the day if you have oily skin)

Perks: mascara and serum contain conditioners for your lashes

Bang for your buck: ***/5 (you don’t actually get much mascara due to the dual sided tube)

Disclaimer: I purchased this and I am not being paid for my opinion.

What mascaras are you eager to try? There are so many coming out now! I love using new mascaras but I always repurchase the Tarte Amazonian Clay one (it is a non irritating long wearing mascara that comes in a bamboo tube!) 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Trashy Tuesday! Kat Von D Sinner Palette

Trashy Tuesday!

 Kat Von D Sinner Eye Shadow Palette

What is it?
A palette of 8 eye shadows housed in an ornate black plastic case with a mirror and an eyeliner. This retails for $36.00 on  

Unfortunate Truth:

I love Kat Von D’s look. She’s got the rocker chic look down! Of course this eye palette is great for those who like wearing a lot of dramatic eye looks. If you know me well enough, you know I like to wear make-up every day. Furthermore, I’m always trying out new looks. Also, my husband really appreciates a lot of eye make-up on me so I tend to go dramatic quite often. This palette was a gift from a friend for Christmas this past year and I was in love with it… on first sight!

The problem is that when I actually started to use the colors I was pretty irritated and disappointed with the pigmentation and formula quality. 

The colors are (from Left to Right): Disco Dust, Linzy-Jane, Ace of Spades (motorhead reference J), Violator, Holy Bible, Glock, Dorian Gray (for those English majors J), and Lucifer.

As you can see by the swatches above, 5 out of the 8 are pretty nice in pigmentation, three are just not usable because they have no pigmentation depth; they appear as cloudy interpretations of the gorgeous colors they appear as in the pan. The four metallic shades (swatches #1, 2, 5, and 6) are the best quality but have an odd chunky fall out that can be messy to deal with. Two of the glittery shades (swatches #3, and 4) are just not usable: the cloudiness of the colors, the glitter does not transfer from pan to skin well, and the fall out is very powdery and to the extreme. Glittery swatch #7 has pretty good transfer pigmentation, but it has so much fall out that I might as well be using a non-pressed shadow. The last color is by far the most disappointing. How do you screw up a black matte? It’s such a basic staple! Well, they did it! I use black a lot for smokey eye looks and I thought that this one would be superb, but it’s supersucky! It barely even looks like a black matte in the swatch; it’s patchy looking, and has a ton of fallout.

Saving Grace: I really liked the quality of the black eye-liner that came with the palette it’s reminiscent of Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencil in Zero.

Brand Following: I have only owned this; I won’t be getting any eye shadows unless the formulas change dramatically. I’m interested in getting some of her lipsticks and blushes though.

Palettes I recommend:

*High End:

Too Faced Boudoir Eyes: For that soft slightly dark smokey eye (Their shadows are soft; minor fallout)

Tarte Call of the Wild: A medium to dark shadow collection (Their shadows are soft and highly pigmented, slight fall-out)

Urban Decay Smoked: You can pretty much create any color and density of smokey eye (My fave eye shadows are Urban Decay! The pigmentation is unreal; soft, easy to blend and so unique looking)

*Budget Girls:

NYX The Smokey Eye Palette: $6.99 to get the deeper look! (eye shadows from NYX are really good for the price!)

Avon’s True Color Eye shadow Quad: $7.00 for four shadows, it tells you where to put them and come in so many color choices you can find your basic or smokey look! (Avon makes some great stuff! I’ve been using their make-up off and on for years since my mom sells Avon!)

What’s the worst eye shadow that you have ever used? Was it due to color, formulation, finish, or something else?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mieux Make-Up Monday!!! It Cosmetics' CC Cream Review

It Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC+ Color Correcting, Full Coverage Cream, + Anti-Aging Hydrating Serum, + SPF 50

What is it?
A thick creamy anti-aging, SPF (chemical free), tinted moisturizer. It claims to provide the face with skincare and foundation all in one.  This sells for $38.00 on,, and can be found on

The Real Deal:
I don’t know about you, but I have a busy life. I am a full time student (for the 2nd time), and work full time as a caretaker. My schedule can be hectic to the point that my skin looks terrible! With erratic sleeping schedules and suffering from stress at work and with school… I look like a hot mess on most days of the week! Therefore, I need constant skin rehab in order to achieve a fresh faced look! I have gravitated towards BB creams to help me with my skin goals for the last 3 years. I started using them when they first popped up in America. I have used Asian BB creams and American BB creams. Yes there’s a difference and no it does not matter. The only thing that really matters is, does it work for you?  

I had a problem with Asian BB creams being too grayish and light for my skin tone. I have light skin that can get quite fair during winter months only. The rest of the year it has a light to light medium tone. I enjoy American creams because they usually have more color choices. This formula has 5 color choices that range from very light to dark for women of color. I have the color “light” and it is a slightly yellow toned natural medium cream color. This is a very thick cream but it does spread on the skin nicely. It sets rather quickly for a moisturizing formula and can remain on the skin as is or be powdered over. The longevity changes slightly when adding powder: no powder = 6 hours of wear, powder = 8-12 hours of wear (this of course depends on what kind of powder you use; I try to use a longer lasting powder because I hate reapplying).
The benefits that it claims to give, I could not measure. I can say that it was moisturizing for my oily skin and did not slide around on my face because of the thick texture. It also has high non-chemical sunscreen which is great for both anti-aging benefits, and for those that breakout from chemical sunscreens (like me). I can wear this with one coat for a light make-up day or I can layer on a 2nd coat for extreme coverage. The tube is 1.08 fl. Oz. and seems rather expensive. However, the SPF level is specialized and high, the formula is your moisturizer and foundation. This eliminates a couple of steps making this the only thing you place on your face to start your day!

Action shots:

You can't really tell here, but I blended out a small portion right underneath the globs of product. It's really a great color match!

One Coat

2nd Coat

2nd Coat with Powder

Repurchase? Yes! In fact I have tube number 2 coming in from soon!! (one tube lasts about 3 months)

Try before you buy: Go to and see if it is at a store near you!

Quality: *****/5 (Plenty of color choices and non-chemical SPF 50!)

Perks: There’s a boat load of benefits check them all out online!

Bang for your buck: ****/5 (It seems pricy but it’s a high end product that replaces a few steps)

Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money and I am not being paid for my opinion.

Have you ever used a BB/CC cream? What do you think of using just this product in the morning?

*Don't forget to ask me some questions to answer on Friday!! 

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What to watch for:

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Trashy Tuesday = Make-Up products I'd rather trash than ever use again! This post will appear every so often.

Throwback Thursday = A peek into my already established make-up collection containing products that I would buy again, as well as products that I feel are unique and worth a look!

Fan Fridays = I'll answer a beauty related question you have: this can be about anything including what I think about brands, certain products, or what the best plum lipsticks are! Ask these questions Saturday through Thursday in any comment section and I'll choose 3 to answer!

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