Thursday, December 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday: NARS Taj Mahal Blush

Throwback Thursday!!!

Spotlight on: NARS Powder Blush

Color: Taj Mahal

Price: $29.00

Repurchase Reasons:
This was my first NARS blush and I got it for Christmas from my mother. I love this color. I use this primarily in the summer when I have a fake tan. I have also used this as eye shadow and over lipstick for a velvet like golden orange color. I find that the shimmer blushes from NARS are the best in texture. They have an almost slightly creamy feel to them and they blend like a dream. I enjoy the glitter blushes, but glitter is chunkier than shimmer and can fall all over your face and clothes. Would I buy this again after running out? Most likely yes! However, this blush is very pigmented and looks divine on women with medium to dark skin tones. I get a bit pale in the winter but I can usually still wear this in the fall. If you have a lighter skin tone like mine, use a soft and fluffy blush brush and swirl on your hand to dilute the color.

Application Techniques:
 Since this is a punchy color with a golden shimmer, it looks best if used right smack on the cheekbones in a severe slant. This is achieved by sucking in your cheeks, turning your head to the side and then following the bumpy angle of your cheekbones. Then use a powder brush with no product to blend in an upward motion over the product. For lips, apply a orangey lip color or a neutral with gold/yellow undertones; then tap this powder over. If you want a less intense result, tap a bit and then blend into your starter lip product. For eyes, use as an accompaniment to a golden brown smokey eye look. Apply this as the crease color and slightly underneath your lower lash line. Finish by blending a little dark shimmery brown on base of lid and over upper and bottom lash lines. TA DA! You’ll look so good, some handsome man will want to construct a beautiful place to immortalize you in! ; )

Drool Worthy Pictures:

Quality: ****/5 (Rich pigmentation, striking shimmer throughout.. this is a gorgeous blusher)

Perks: There are no added benefits.

Bang for your buck: ***/5 (A high end blusher… what do you expect?)

Disclaimer: I received this as a gift from my mom: I am not being paid for my opinion.

Do you own crazy colors of blush or are you a “everyday” blusher kind of girl?

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