Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Trashy Tuesday! Kat Von D Sinner Palette

Trashy Tuesday!

 Kat Von D Sinner Eye Shadow Palette

What is it?
A palette of 8 eye shadows housed in an ornate black plastic case with a mirror and an eyeliner. This retails for $36.00 on Sephora.com.  

Unfortunate Truth:

I love Kat Von D’s look. She’s got the rocker chic look down! Of course this eye palette is great for those who like wearing a lot of dramatic eye looks. If you know me well enough, you know I like to wear make-up every day. Furthermore, I’m always trying out new looks. Also, my husband really appreciates a lot of eye make-up on me so I tend to go dramatic quite often. This palette was a gift from a friend for Christmas this past year and I was in love with it… on first sight!

The problem is that when I actually started to use the colors I was pretty irritated and disappointed with the pigmentation and formula quality. 

The colors are (from Left to Right): Disco Dust, Linzy-Jane, Ace of Spades (motorhead reference J), Violator, Holy Bible, Glock, Dorian Gray (for those English majors J), and Lucifer.

As you can see by the swatches above, 5 out of the 8 are pretty nice in pigmentation, three are just not usable because they have no pigmentation depth; they appear as cloudy interpretations of the gorgeous colors they appear as in the pan. The four metallic shades (swatches #1, 2, 5, and 6) are the best quality but have an odd chunky fall out that can be messy to deal with. Two of the glittery shades (swatches #3, and 4) are just not usable: the cloudiness of the colors, the glitter does not transfer from pan to skin well, and the fall out is very powdery and to the extreme. Glittery swatch #7 has pretty good transfer pigmentation, but it has so much fall out that I might as well be using a non-pressed shadow. The last color is by far the most disappointing. How do you screw up a black matte? It’s such a basic staple! Well, they did it! I use black a lot for smokey eye looks and I thought that this one would be superb, but it’s supersucky! It barely even looks like a black matte in the swatch; it’s patchy looking, and has a ton of fallout.

Saving Grace: I really liked the quality of the black eye-liner that came with the palette it’s reminiscent of Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencil in Zero.

Brand Following: I have only owned this; I won’t be getting any eye shadows unless the formulas change dramatically. I’m interested in getting some of her lipsticks and blushes though.

Palettes I recommend:

*High End:

Too Faced Boudoir Eyes: For that soft slightly dark smokey eye (Their shadows are soft; minor fallout)

Tarte Call of the Wild: A medium to dark shadow collection (Their shadows are soft and highly pigmented, slight fall-out)

Urban Decay Smoked: You can pretty much create any color and density of smokey eye (My fave eye shadows are Urban Decay! The pigmentation is unreal; soft, easy to blend and so unique looking)

*Budget Girls:

NYX The Smokey Eye Palette: $6.99 to get the deeper look! (eye shadows from NYX are really good for the price!)

Avon’s True Color Eye shadow Quad: $7.00 for four shadows, it tells you where to put them and come in so many color choices you can find your basic or smokey look! (Avon makes some great stuff! I’ve been using their make-up off and on for years since my mom sells Avon!)

What’s the worst eye shadow that you have ever used? Was it due to color, formulation, finish, or something else?

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