Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mascara Review! Ojon Restorative Mascara and Serum Duo

Ojon Restorative Mascara and Restorative Serum Duo

What is it?

This mascara duo has a double-ended package containing black mascara on one end and a whitish to clear serum on the opposite end. This mascara sells for $21.00 on but is on special promotion currently for $19.50. It is marketed as a mascara and treatment for those wanting a more luscious lash. Specifically, it seems to provide conditioning so that eyelashes do not fall out as often; this gives the appearance of a fuller lash because the hair stays in longer. This product comes in black only.

The real deal:

This mascara has a bristle brush that has a medium to small barrel. The formula is unique in the sense that it seems thick, but does not deposit a mass amount of product onto the lashes once it is applied. It is a delight to apply and feels very smooth on the lashes. There is no clumping and this mascara is relatively creamy still after being used for 2 ½ weeks.  This is non-irritating for me, so I would recommend this to those with sensitive eyes. The serum portion comes with a similar brush and the formula is very thin. It feels like the Ojon oil only; the color is milky and not noticeable unless you are very close to a mirror.

I applied the mascara several times before establishing an opinion. I wore this during work, and all day on the weekend. I applied the serum only at night before bed. Due to the rate of hair growth I am unable to determine if this makes lashes fuller by preventing premature fall out of hair. However, I can tell you that the performance of the mascara is not for those with oily skin. I can wear this mascara for 4 hours before the oil on my skin starts to make the mascara on my bottom lashes melt off. It looks as though I’ve been crying. However, the top lashes looked just fine after 9 hours of wear! Therefore, this could be a fantastic mascara if I applied a different one to bottom lashes. Furthermore, the mascara is very easy to remove with a makeup remover followed by a general face wash. 

Action Shots: 

Mascara applied on my right eye only. 

I apply mascara several times to one set of lashes before I start on the other set. I never just do one singular coat. I build up the layers until I am satisfied with the way that my mascara looks. I recommend every one try this technique: roll the wand between your fingers upwards to get a lifted look, wiggle slightly at the roots and roll up again. This creates a fuller looking set of lashes without applying too much product. Of course, with some formulas, it is easy to go overboard. This one is fool proof to apply.

Quality: ****/5 (the formula is great but can melt off half-way through the day if you have oily skin)

Perks: mascara and serum contain conditioners for your lashes

Bang for your buck: ***/5 (you don’t actually get much mascara due to the dual sided tube)

Disclaimer: I purchased this and I am not being paid for my opinion.

What mascaras are you eager to try? There are so many coming out now! I love using new mascaras but I always repurchase the Tarte Amazonian Clay one (it is a non irritating long wearing mascara that comes in a bamboo tube!) 

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