Monday, September 30, 2013

Mieux Make-up Monday! NYX Natural Eye Shadow Palette

NYX Natural Eye Shadow Palette

What is it?
A collection of six eye shadows in various basic neutral colors/finishes housed in a plastic container. This palette is $6.99 at Ulta (now on BOGO 50% off) and Target for $7.49. This also comes with a long sponge applicator.

The Real Deal:
The eye shadows are very soft and silky. I am reminded of the plush eye shadows that Maybelline has. The pigmentation is great for those looking for a very natural eye. If you were looking for a cheaper version of the Urban Decay Naked palettes, this is not it. This is for the woman who is looking for a conservative natural eye makeup look. This can get you out the door quickly for day or night if all you need is just a little close to skin tone color and highlighter.

No flash. 


The two middle colors are pretty hard to see because they almost match my skin tone!

There are four matte shadows (Swatches #1, 3, 4, and 6). #1 is a light cream, #3 is a muted semi-dark peach, #4 is a light tan, and #6 is a Mink-like chocolate brown (think dark chocolate) in pan. Transfer is a lighter version than the swatch. These mattes offer a basic wash of color; the dark brown should be used for an eye liner, brow filler, or a crease definer.

The shimmer shadows are swatches #2 (which is a golden cream with minimal glitter), and #5 which is a straight up shimmer/frost in a light to medium taupe (I like this one the best).

Here’s how to use this palette for a basic day look: Use swatch #1 all over the eye as a base. Next, take swatch #4 and put all over the lid (lower part of the eye). Then blend swatch #5 all over the lid and into the crease: this softens the color impact of swatch #5 so that it is more muted. Add mascara and a neutral lip 

I used swatch #6 for the eyebrows

Here’s how to create a night look: Use swatch # all over the eye as a base. Then pat on swatch # all over the lid (lower part of the eye), blend it up into the crease, then add swatch #6 to the crease in the shape of your eye; blend down towards the top of the eyelashes but leave a line of lighter shadow creating a demarcation separating your dark eye shadow and your lashes. Use swatch #6 underneath the eye and connect up at a slight angle to the dark shadow on the top of the eye. Add swatch #2 to the inner corner of the eye and blend up and to the outside a little bit. Finish with a dark brown eye liner over the lower lash line (inner and slightly outer) and mascara!

Again, I used #6 for the eyebrows

Application Tips: Get a good shadow primer and you can reap the maximum pigmentation benefits from lower end eye shadows. Check out Too Faced Shadow Insurance, or Tarte’s more natural option. If you are using an actual brush, make sure you tap out excess; once you do the fall out of this eye shadow diminishes and is not noticeable. Also, pair this with minimal blush and an eye catching lipstick for an instant fashionable topping for any great outfit!

I like to think of this palette as the conservative career girl’s go to: it’s got all you need in one handy container so you can get ready quickly. It’s not for those looking for an extremely powerful neutral look, instead, it’s a soft easy going alternative to that. I can imagine the following people loving this: teens, college girls, women who want a quick morning routine, and those that are new to using make-up.  

Quality: ***/5 (The formula is so soft that one should use a primer for optimal pigmentation)

Perks: There’s no added benefit but it is certified cruelty free!

Bang for your buck: ****/5 (It’s about $1.17 a shadow and the colors can be used for bases for other dramatic eye looks)

Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money and I am not being paid for my opinion.

How do you feel about natural/neutral make-up looks? Are they your staple? How do you wear your natural eye looks? 

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