Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Halloween Tutorial #1: Zombie

Halloween Tutorial


I love Halloween and horror movies. I am always fascinated by scarier make-up looks and here I do one for you that you can re-create with stuff you might already own! The impetus for this look is due to not only my love of zombie movies, but also due to Lawrence, KS zombie walk – It’s happening this Thursday night and it’s a yearly event! Enjoy!

Matte foundation, white face makeup, eye shadows: purple, medium gray brown, bright red, navy blue, black, light olive green, light gray blue, dark pink (all matte shades), lip gloss: dark red (matte and glossy), bright true red (sticky/glossy formula no shimmer/sparkle), a foundation brush, a small shading brush, facial tissue, latex lash glue, and a brush for mixing pigments.
*This is what I used, you can recreate this look by omitting some of the above if you do not have them/do not want to buy them. I used cheaper shadows or old shadows that I do not care about. I recommend using brushes but if you don’t have them you can use your fingers and sponges for blending, just clean fingers in between color usage so your markings come through less muddled and more realistic. If you are allergic to latex look for alternative wound creation techniques online. If you do not know if you are allergic to latex test a small amount on your skin before committing to this Halloween look.

Face: Start with the face. Mix foundation and white pigment in a small dish. Add olive green and light gray blue shadow in this and mix well. Cover your face with this concoction; move it onto your neck and ears for a more thorough look. Next, take a small shadow brush and place demarcations on your face using the medium gray brown shadow.

Blend the lines of the brown shadow into your face using the foundation brush. Do this 2 times: line, blend, line blend. On jaw lines you are blending straight down. Around your eyes you are blending around the entire eye area (think of skull sockets).

Eyes: Start creating your dark circles underneath your eyes by using a black shadow to dab and blend around. Use the shape of your under eye area as you blend. Add and blend until desired effect is achieved. Use a smaller shading brush to line your top and lower lashes with the dark pink shadow. Then blend using the foundation brush. It should look like your eyes are irritated and that you haven’t slept in weeks!

Face: Add light gray blue shadow around the top part of your face. Do not place in your jaw/cheek areas. Make sure you use a little at a time and blend away as you go so that it looks like a hint of blue.

Wound: Take a piece of facial tissue and fold it up into desired length and width. Then add latex lash glue and stick it on your face at a slant (or create your own type of wound elsewhere on your face). Let dry. Take black and red shadow and add it to your foundation mixture. Using a brush cover the tissue and the area around it. You want the tissue to become deformed and odd looking. Now, take pure red shadow and dab dots all over your wound and the area around it. Follow with same technique using black shadow, purple shadow, and use the navy blue shadow right on top of the black dots. Then use your finger to push the colors around blending non-effectively so that the colors are mashed around and incoherent looking (like 
a wound).

Mouth: Cover your lips with whatever is left on the foundation brush. Now add a matte lip color around your mouth in a slap dash and minimal manner. Smear the color around like you were a kid wiping off their mouth. It should have the look of having “eaten” days ago.

Finish: Use red sticky lip gloss colors to mimick look of somewhat fresh blood around the wound, near the mouth, and running down the neck. Add Vaseline or Eucerin to the wound, around the mouth and down the “bloodied” neck area. This will make the texture of those areas appear more realistic.

Tip: Place lip gloss in excess on your hand and then apply to the face in order to preserve the lip gloss for other uses.

What do you think? What are your Halloween make-up plans? Need any tips; ask! I’d love to help and maybe I’ll do your look as a tutorial later this month! 

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