Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Elf Disney Villain Evil Queen Halloween Makeup Palettes and Accessories


This is a special collection that many brands have participated in. For instance, Ardell did the lashes, Elf did the makeup and Scunci did the hair ties. The reason for all this Disney explosion? Disney recently sold the rights to some of their princess stuff so a lot of brands are taking advantage and if they have the rights, they are now marketing princess gear of all kinds. I have always loved Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I was very excited to see the villain collections at Walgreens (most of them are already gone!)! These come out every year, however, this year the artwork is done in water color and last years was more of a computer generated cartoon look. I can see how these kits are very useful and fun for creating the villain looks but many contain colors that you can wear for every day occasions! 

Makeup Bag: The water color artistry is on the front and the back of the bag. The inside is lined in printed fabric that is relevant to the story. The Evil Queen's bag is printed in a black apple on top of a bright pink background. There are straps inside of the bag to hold some of your products in place. 

Hair Ties: These are the type of hair ties that you can adjust the circumference of accompanied by regular hair ties. I like these because I can actually wear the former of these on my wrists without my circulation being cut off. Some of the hair ties actually have charms attached that go along with the character's story: one of these has a heart that is stabbed with a dagger. 

Eyelashes: There are three sets of eyelashes per character. The lash set comes with a tube of glue. The ones in the Evil Queen collection are: Thin wispy with gold and white iridescent glitter, thick staggered, and a full set even in length. 

Nail Polish: ELF produced this set of nail polishes where there are 3 colors per villain for a total of 12 polishes in the case. These are many different colors here: some are quite unique, but most are typical colors that one can utilize throughout the year. 

Makeup Set: This makeup set is full of products from the ELF cosmetics' essential line. The essential line is made up of very inexpensive products that are very hit and miss in quality. You get: 1 mascara, 1 black liquid eye liner, 1 black pencil eye liner, 1 shadow primer, 1 pink lip gloss, 1 makeup brush, and a palette of 6 eye shadows. 

Top Row: (Left to Right) Huntsman, Jealousy, Majesty
Bottom Row: Witch, Vanity, Dark Magic

Later today I'm posting a tutorial look for this makeup palette for Snow White and tomorrow I will post a tutorial using this same makeup to create the Evil Queen look. 

I received all of these products as a gift. 

What do you think about these collections? Do you go crazy over them or skip them? 

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