Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday! Medusa

Halloween Tutorial


Here’s a look I did for a costume 2 years ago! I did a generic dramatic eye look focusing on using green and black colors to get a “Medusa” look. Then I created a head band of snakes using: a skinny black headband, a bunch of small rubber snakes, and wire. I twisted the wire around the snakes to secure them and voila! It’s still together after 2 years! I completed my look by wearing strappy heels and a Greek looking draped black minidress. 

Far Left = Mildew UD eyeliner, followed by the Maybelline shadows
Luminizing moisturizer, Tarte BB Primer, Maybelline Color Explosion Eye Palette in Forest Fury, Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner, Urban Decay 24/7 eye liner in Mildew, Mary Kay Love Lashes mascara in Black. *I recommend wearing some dramatic looking false lashes with this look!

Face: Start with the face. Mix a luminizing agent in with your foundation. I used Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Moisturizer and Tarte’s BB primer. Skip powder and go straight for the eye makeup! After you have completed the eye makeup: clean up fall out with a sweep of foundation. Then use the glitter gold color of eye shadow as a powder by tapping and rolling it into your skin.

Eyes: Use the light gold shimmer shade on the upper part of the eye as a highlighter. Then use the lime green shimmer on the lid and crease area. Use the matte dark green as an eye liner underneath the eye. Then use the dark green shimmer shade to create a dramatic swooping wing. Connect this line with the lower lash lined in the matte color. Add black eyeliner to the middle of the swooping wing. This can be done by drawing from the tip of the wing down to the bottom lash line, going back to the tip and drawing a slant towards your inner eye corner, then fill in! Add the glitter gold color on top of the high lighter and crease area. I added a lengthening mascara in black.

Eyebrows: I lined and filled in my eye brows with UD’s eye liner in Mildew. I then tapped dark green shimmer shadow over it to set.

Lips: I lined and filled my lips in with UD’s eye liner in Mildew. This can be done with a cheaper green liner. Look for a dark warm green liner in a metallic finish. I then tapped lime green shimmer shadow on top to set the lip.

I really enjoy coming up with my own Halloween costume ideas. I deviate from time to time but I’ll always enjoy the creative process of being unique. I could go to a store and buy a read made costume, but what’s the fun in that? Sometimes it’s cheaper to make your own! I do this by coming up with a clothing, makeup, and accessory plan ahead of time and make a list. I then will go to discount clothing stores or even Salvation Army in search of garments that I can wear as is, or cut up/sew onto.

What’s the most original costume that you have ever seen? 

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