Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Tutorial: Snow White

Halloween Tutorial

Snow White
A simple makeup look for a traditional costume that can be used for, obviously, Snow White or even certain super heroes like Wonder Woman. 

ELF Evil Queen palete, ELF lengthening mascara, ELF pencil eye liner, ELF essential lip gloss, ELF eye shadow primer, Avon minerals blush in Hearty Peach, Cover Girl Lip Perfection lip liner in Passion, Mary Kay eye brow pencil, Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser foundation and concealer, and ELF studio HD powder, 

Face: Start with the face, apply concealer in a mask shape around your eyes, down your nose, underneath your eyes and onto the top part of your cheeks. Add foundation over it and blend. This creates a lighter and brighter look around your eye area. Powder. Add a matte peach blush to give cheeks color and definition. Snow White was a basic and young princess so go easy with the color and make sure it's light and natural looking. 

Eyes: I placed the color "Huntsman" all over the eye. I blended the color "Jealousy" over the eye lid and up into the crease area. I then took the eye pencil in black and applied it on the top and bottom of the eye on about 1/3 of the outer eye area and curved the outer lines so that the eye appears more rounded. Use a light hand as this eye liner is very thick and waxy and can tug and hurt the eye if too much pressure is applied. I used the mascara on the top and bottom lashes using care not to get excess on top of the lash line. Use a hand held mirror for more precise application with both eye liner and mascara. 

Eyebrows: I lined and filled in my eye brows lightly with Mary Kay's eye brow liner pencil. 

Lips: I lined and filled my lips in Covergirl's lip perfection liner in Passion. I added the ELF lip gloss on top of the red liner. 

I love this makeup look and can wear this on a regular day. This makeup look is really simple and easy and I love that Snow White was such a basic no fuss kind of princess. For a basic costume you can do this makeup, wear a blue shirt, optional yellow hoodie, a red ribbon in the hair and you are set! Spend a little and grab the traditional costume found year after year at costume stores! If your hair is already dark you can pin up the length in the back and you are set! If not look for a Snow White wig; short black hair, no bangs. 

Have you ever dressed as a princess for halloween? I actually have not! I would love to be Princess Peach sometime; you?


  1. Great look! Love e.l.f products! Follow me back? :) http://makeupcase1.blogspot.com/

    1. ELF does have some great products. I really love these Halloween Disney palettes and I hope that they expand the idea next year to include other characters... like who doesn't want a palette devoted to Cheshire Cat?