Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pop Beauty Aqua Lacquer

Pop Beauty Aqua Lacquer

What is it?
A very shiny thick lip gloss in a tube. It is housed inside of a clear tube and comes with a plastic paddle applicator. The top screws on and off. It is priced at for $14.00.

The Real Deal:
This is the strangest lip gloss that I have ever used. I say that in a good way. However, when I first used this I was in hate with it. After it sat on my lips for about a minute my lips began to expand slightly in plumpness. It is VERY shiny and has almost zero color payoff even though it looks richly pigmented inside of the tube. I got this through Birchbox in the color FLOATING ROSE. I do not like the plastic paddle applicator at all; for $14.00 a pop, they should have put a little bit more into some classier looking packaging because this stuff looks CHEAP!

I will say that the formula is superb! It is very slick and not sticky in the least. Though, your hair will stick to it on a windy day, so take heed! It has the teensiest hint of a sparkle. 

Action Shots:

Quality: ****/5 (The formula is very shiny, it lasts a couple of hours, and feels slick, not sticky)

Perks: There’s a small amount of healthy plumping due to jojoba oil

Bang for your buck: ***/5 (It’s pricy for the cheap packaging and the lack of pigmentation)

Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money and I am not being paid for my opinion.

What are your fave lip gloss formulas? Longlasting? Rich pigmentation?  

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